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CB337 Garlic Contour (50ml/500ml)

CB337 Garlic Contour (50ml/500ml)

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A cream formulated for continuous control of bodyline and helps to reduce cellulite. Formulated with double-action formula to aid in reducing appearance of “orange-peel” skin and helps skin to regain its natural elasticity.

Active Ingredients
  • Glycerin: Moisturizing
  • Acefylline Methylsilanol Mannuronate: Firming

Apply the cream to the body and massage.

丰富于活性成份能加强消除脂肪,帮助缓慢沉积在肌肤中脂肪的形成。能迅速渗透肌肤,消 除“橙 皮 状”蜂 窝 巢 组 织 细 胞 的 产 生 ,收 紧 和 滋 润 肌 肤 使 增 加 弹 性 、活 力 及 肤 质 健 康 。

将此纤体膏以安摩方式轻柔地涂抹于身上 ,至完全被吸收为止。

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