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GB222 Body Heating Gel (150ml/1500ml)

GB222 Body Heating Gel (150ml/1500ml)

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Aids in minimizing and smoothing the appearance of fat and cellulite.

Active Ingredients
  • Acefylline Methylsilanol MannProductsronate
  • Glycerin: Moisturizing
  • Propylene Glycol: Hydration

Apply the gel onto the body and massage gently.

富含活跃" 发热燃脂 "作用,极积有效加速脂肪分解和燃烧累积在身体细胞里多余脂肪、赘肉及脂肪所形成的"橙皮状"蜂窝巢组织。可收紧松弛肌肤、平坦腰腹及消除肚纹、妊娠纹等,使肌肤更加紧实、平滑、有弹性,达至回复苗窕瘦身效果 。

将此胶以按摩方式轻柔地涂抹于全 身 。


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