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MF175 Brilliant Soft Mask (100gm/750gm x 2 per carton)

MF175 Brilliant Soft Mask (100gm/750gm x 2 per carton)

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Reduce hyperpigmentation by accelerating exfoliation and reducing the formation of pigments. It deeply moisturizes the skin and increases the cell renewal process for a more luminous and radiant skin tone.

Active Ingredients:

Kiwi Fruit Extract: brightening and helps to protect the skin from UV damage

Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract: antioxidant and anti-inflammatory power


Mix 30gm of mask with water. Stir to a creamy consistency. Apply onto the face and leave on for 30 min. Peel off the mask and wash thoroughly.  For best result, apply the mask over the face which has been coated with a nourishing essence.


将30 gm的粉膜掺入净化水搅均成糊状,再均匀的涂上于脸上。待大约30分钟,然后撕除掉继而用清水冲净(要有更好的效果, 先敷上有滋养的精华再涂上面膜。



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