How many days would it take to ship my order to me after I placed an order?

Your orders will be ship within 2-3 working days if everything goes smoothly according to plan. The duration of delivery depends on the courier company. Do follow up with us if we didn't update you. For more details please navigate to our shipping policy page. Note that there may be delays during public holidays or sales season.


How long does it take to receive my orders?

Your shipment duration is not control by us. However, we will follow up with the courier service for you. Note that shipment to East Malaysia usually takes longer duration due to custom inspections.


Are we the HQ of PE Skin Professional?

Yes. We are the HQ of PE skin Professional.


Do we have physical stores?

No. We don't have an official physical store yet.


The items I am interested in are all sold out. What should I do?

Please message our Facebook page regarding the items that you are interested in. We will check the inventory and get back to you soon.


I don't have an account. Can I still buy?

We strongly suggest you to create one to avoid unwanted shipping issues. However, you could just drop your orders by sending in message to our Facebook Page. 


I am not exactly sure about my skin type. What should I get?

Please approach our Facebook page by messaging us and we will suggest suitable products according to your skin condition.


Why are your price different than those that I find on the market?

We have agents carrying our products as well. Their promotional prices are not set by us and are only apply to the stocks they are carrying. We have our own promotion too, stay tuned on our Facebook page, Instagram or look our for our website banner to catch the promotion.


Are your stocks readily available?

Our stocks are ready stocks if you are able to order through website. Stocks that shows sold out will be restock shortly.