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CB333 Bosom Lift Cream (50ml / 500gm)

CB333 Bosom Lift Cream (50ml / 500gm)

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Improves the skin texture and promotes long term benefits to enhance the natural support and contours of the bust. Resulting in a fuller, firmer and uplifted bust lines.

Active Ingredients
  • Amino Acid: Improve elasticity & texture
  • Glycerin: Moisturizing
  • Vitamin E: Nourishing

Apply the cream onto the bust with a delicate circular massage after bath or shower. Massage from the bust to the neck with upward stroke movements. Avoid the nipples.



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Glycerin and Vitamin E helps in retaining moisture level. They act as humectants and lock the hydration that appears on the skin and also attract hydration into the skin. These ingredients will ensure your bosom looks healthier and supple.

Amino Acid here, helps to strengthen the immune system, maintain the skin's hydration, and an overall healthy looks. They protect skin from free-radical damage such as fine line and wrinkle and reduce signs of aging. Besides, improves in skin + elasticity