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EB204 SPA Natural Mineral Body Scrub (60gm/1500ml)

EB204 SPA Natural Mineral Body Scrub (60gm/1500ml)

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A combination of nutrient-rich ingredients is formulated to gently exfoliate & moisturize the skin, leaving it silky smooth & totally refreshed.

Active Ingredients
  • Sea Salt: Softening
  • Glycerin: Moisturizing
  • Cucumber: Soothing

Apply to wet or dry skin, gently massage in a circular motion, then rinse thoroughly.

配方中蘊含氯化钠, 甘油和黄瓜提取物,能温和地祛除老旧角质,达到深层洁净肌肤的功效。、富有双功能的磨砂霜不仅有效修护因干燥而受损的肌肤,还能给予肌肤足够的水分与滋润,使肌肤瞬间回复活力、 幼嫩光滑及莹白通透


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sea salt is a great exfoliant to open up your pores for a deeper clean to allow moisture into your skin and ensure the elasticity, softening, and moisture level. Even the sea salt is able to absorb moisture, but we have added glycerin into the products to make sure they able to absorb the most hydration and supply great moisture to your skin

Cucumber is a known vegetable with its riched nutrients. They did nothing less but the same with our skin. It is able to retain moisture and ensure to prevent your skin from dryness even after exfoliate