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GB223 Body Sculpting Gel (150ml/1800ml)

GB223 Body Sculpting Gel (150ml/1800ml)

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Helps body to restore maximum moisture and collagen and minimizing surface unevenness. Menthol delivers pleasant cooling effect and at the same time help toning to body to increase skin elasticity.

Active Ingredients
  • Propylene Glycol: Hydration
  • Acefylline Methylsilanol Mannuronate: Anti-cellulite
  • Menthol: Promote circulation

Apply the gel onto the body and massage gently.


将此胶以按摩方式轻柔地涂抹于全身 。

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Propylene Glycol is a humectant that is able to increase and retain the moisture on the skin. Paired with Acefylline Methylsilanol Mannuronate to treat cellulite appearance with a better skin appearance.

Menthol known scientifically as a vasolidator. Has the ability to stimulate blood circulation. As for skincare, it is able to be a mixed bag. Apart from the cool cooling sensation effect. Menthol also has the ability to reduce itching and even act as penetration enhancing properties.