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LB701 Exfoliating Callus Softener (60ml / 800ml)

LB701 Exfoliating Callus Softener (60ml / 800ml)

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Helps soften and moisturize dry skin and cuticles. This softener makes exfoliation of dry skin fast and easy. It is lightweight, non-oily cream which helps to rehydrate skin.

Active Ingredients
  • Sodium Lactate: Exfoliate
  • Vitamin B5: Promotes skin cell generation

Apply an appropriate amount into cotton and rub to heel. Avoid sensitive skin and peeling skin.

嫩白去角质液采用天然植物精华,  能有效软化, 去除足部粗硬的角质及厚茧。能讯速渗入足部肌肤, 深层滋润严重缺水及干燥的肌肤, 改善粗糙干裂的现象, 让双足清爽, 柔嫰及健康。适用于粗硬角质及干燥的足部肌肤。

将适量嫩白去角质液喷在化妆棉上, 再轻轻搓揉脚跟上的粗硬角质及厚茧。 勿使用在敏感及脱皮肌肤。

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PE Exfoliating Callus Softener make sure your skin are hydrated and able to lock the moisture on your skin with sodium lactate. Sodium Lactate are derived from lactic acid, they are organic sodium salt of lactic acid. They increase the hydration and helps to balance out the pH value also lessen the irritation potential by building up your natural skin barrier.

The second best active ingredient, Vitamin B5 not only provides benefits to skin and hair, they are also able to help with nail. There is a study that shows that a 2% of the concentration of panthenol in any concentration of a solution can help to hold onto your nail plate, making it better and stronger!